We serve a wide range of clientele from Fortune 100 companies to the entrepreneur aspiring to achieving the American Dream.  We foster equity in our representation providing invariable service to all our clients 

what we do?

  • Piquant Enterprises LLC., is our pivotal gateway to the entertainment industry whether you are an entertainer, business interest, or an entrepreneur seeking to engage in a capital project. We bring talent to the level the record labels are searching to sign and distribute.

  • On the business development side we get you to the decision makers who will buy your product and/or retain your services. At the end of the day your business is our most important commodity.

We set the standard on effective and comprehensive business development.  Our reputation and history of aiding successful companies and clients speaks for themselves. Our hallmarks are "achievements" in helping businesses - large or small, to grow in today's economy and to dominate their competition. Ourbusiness goalsare to bring forth your projects to corporate decision makers and close the transaction.

being a leader starts with one



Our firm is leading the way in global business and entertainment creation and management. 
It's about placing respect and trust in relationships that have allowed us to forge dauntless alliances.

Our team works the largest and smallest companies in America in our Business Division to cut overhead up to 40% and to get you the alliances that "count" 

               All consultations at no charge.

                     Venue Universe LLC.,                        Sinatra Entertainment Group LLC. and Pap Master Productions LLC., will be functioning as private referral entertainment companies not requiring a public website.

Piquant means strong and that's the relationships we forge with our clients


Getting the attention of national leaders


Ron Jones is a relentless negotiator and one who brings people and ideas together to achieve a sound conclusion to issues.  The slide show depicts Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Bob Menendez, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, Mayor and Sen. Corey Booker, Gov. Jim Florio, Rep. Jon Runyan, late Rep. John Adler, Caroline Kennedy, Rep. Frank Pallone, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Rep. Rush Holt, Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Brad Sherman, Gov. Chris Christie, Los Angeles Mayor Emeritus Antonio Villaraigosa, Gov. Jon Corzine, his team of 9/11 Heroes, receiving the Fealgood Foundation Advocates Award, working with the staff of Sen. Jeff Sessions and Sen Kirsten Gillibrand on 9/11 legislation and receiving the State of Delaware Patriot Flag Award.  His commitment to the environment has garnered him recognition from the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and Save the Barnegat Bay organization.

​Piquant Enterprises LLC.

Business success light years ahead of the rest