Sigourney Weaver

Ralph Reickerman

Scorpion's Band

Paula Abdul

Kevin O'Leary 

Shark Tank 

Kevin O'Leary

​Former Champ Larry Holmes

          Karina Smirnoff

Dancing with the Stars

​America's Got Talent VIP guest 2016

A Tradition of Innovation and achievements

Ron a two-time celebrity judge for the Miss United States pageant system now serves as an official recruiter.  

Sal Valentinetti

2016 America's Got Talent

​Final Cut Contestant

Hodia the Singer 

​is the next Adele who has traveled the world competing in international events always placing into the final four and in January 2019 FIRST PLACE in Lithuania.

Mariana Alencar

The former Miss Brazil and Miss Hollywood with a country voice bigger than Miranda Lambert.

​Lorenzo Lamas

Calysta Bevier

2016 AGT Final Cut Contestant

Piquant Enterprises LLC., it's the right choice for you to do business with us.  We have developed over 40 years of business and personal relationships across a broad spectrum of interests.  These cross connections afford us the latitude to advocate for your company beyond the scope of your initial alliance with us.  We offer you strategic access to those regulatory, corporate clients and business enterprises to maximize your success.  Piquant Enterprises LLC.,  also is actively engaged in managing celebrities, concerts, movies, television us the entertainment soup to nuts.

Ron is a licensed financial profession CA. License No. 0I09131 which functions separately from Piquant Enterprises LLC.

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Larry King

Don King

Oscar De LaHoya

Ned Colletti

Former Dodgers GM

Orly Ben Garti

​International Recording Artist

Israeli Academy Award Recipient


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