Business Advisers

Piquant Enterprises LLC., is a client oriented business development company creating opportunities with its clients to do business with the Fortune 100 elite.  We take your ideas, business products and concepts and effectively deliver them to the CEO in a strategic and highly effective manner.  This is achieved by utilizing proven business techniques developed by our team and going to a higher level to invoke the value of those personal relationships we have developed with our business alliances.  We strive to pass by the boardroom and place in in front of the CEO to get you a deal.  We employ a Legacy Team to expand your business presence while cutting your overhead up to 40% utilizing our tax attorney, accountants, and risk management experts.  This is offer at no charge for the business analysis.



Piquant Enterprises LLC., offers our music, television, cinema and literary clients the ability to achieve career goals utilizing our accomplished staff committed to the impeccable standards America demands. Our primary mission statement is, we will always produce music, films, books, mechanize and television shows exceeding everything in the marketplace.  We will be the most formidable and acclaimed media platform.  

We manage projects, create music-Television Shows-Movies & Concerts, providing qualified financial guidance above the rest too